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Chef Dandy

Hola! Chef Dandy here, your trusty cooking guide!

On this page you’ll find everything you need to embark on a journey in the kitchen. I’ve got everything from safety tips to a sing-along song for the ultimate musical celebration.  

A delicious adventure is upon you — nos vemos pronto!

I’ve heard you’re wondering, what’s inside the box? Check out this video and see!

For Parents

Cooking can feel daunting, especially alongside a young chef. For a little extra support, we recommend watching our Parent Guide video and perusing this Reference Guide. These resources are chock full of tips and tricks to cook with children in a way that is fun, safe and rewarding.

Our 3 Kitchen Tenets

#1Keep Your
Body Safe

#2Keep Your
Mind Open

#3Cleanliness Is

These are the three Club Artistas kitchen pillars, phrases that will serve as behavioral markers. Please use these phrases as reinforcements for learning safety practices with your young chef as often as possible throughout your cooking adventure.

let’s sing together

At Club Artistas, we love to celebrate. We end every Cookalong recipe with a song! Sing along to our Club Artistas music video with your kiddo at home.

Here’s the sheet music with lyrics so you can follow along!

A club Artistas History

In this illustrative video you'll learn more about the creators behind Club Artistas.

Before the founders of Club Artistas & Culinary Artistas became businesswomen, they were moms, daughters, teachers, and more. 

That history has played into how the Club Artistas adventure boxes were developed and why a child’s creativity is at the heart of the matter. 

If you’ve got any questions at all, please let us know!

Email us at We love knowing you’re having fun, learning, and enjoying your cooking adventure.

Nos vemos pronto! See you soon!