A Magical Cooking Adventure Club for kids and families to bond, develop cooking skills, and make meal time more fun.

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A Magical Cooking Adventure Club for kids and families to experience together.

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Every month, you'll get a new box with recipes, ingredients and crafting activities delivered to your door. It's 4 activities in 1 box!

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Once you get the box, you’ll embark on a creative cookalong journey and learn techniques and tools for making delicious things.

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Each box contains healthy ingredients for you and sustainable activities for the Earth. You'll learn how food is an expression of love and joy!

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Our Values

At Club Artistas we prioritize sustainability, diversity, and well-being for our staff, partners, and club members. We choose businesses and partners to source foods and materials based on these values. We're especially excited to witness our growing community of small, women-owned, and minority-run businesses in our local area of San Francisco. 

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We can’t wait to see your creations! Join us in spreading the love and joy of cooking by sharing your wins, yummy dishes, and laughter.

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